Exhibition Stand Hire

blankWe specialize in designing and constructing trade fair stands tailored to the requirements and needs of our clients. In our offer, you will find small 2m x 3m conference booths as well as massive trade fair constructions covering up to 100 square meters. Working with us means comprehensive service in the field of trade event management.

Exhibition stand building

With us, you can order both a simple trade fair stand and a more elaborate one, featuring the latest solutions such as multimedia and lighting elements, spatial inscriptions, and much more. Our top product is modular stands. Depending on the needs of the company, our modular stands can be created as island, one-, two-, or three-sided open stands.
For our clients, we offer stand rentals for fairs, which include:

  • Design of the stand tailored to the specific space and client requirements.
  • Transport, assembly, and disassembly of the stand at a convenient time, leaving time for setting up machines, products, equipment.
  • Laying and finishing of carpeting available in various colors from the sampler.
  • Construction of the stand including prints, illuminated elements, an interesting design, and meticulous finishing.
  • Installation of appropriate lighting in sufficient quantity.
  • Construction of a suspension with strong lighting and graphics stretched on the structure.
  • Equipping the stand with counters, tables, chairs, bar stools, TVs, racks, displays, and more.
  • Equipping the office area with a refrigerator, coffee machine, shelf, worktable, coat rack, and trash can.

Exhibition stand builder

If you plan to present your company at Polish or international fairs, please contact us via email at kontakt@exposystemy.pl or by phone at +48 731-360-922. We will help you realize your vision and make your stand a unique place that attracts attention and helps in establishing valuable business relationships.

Trade Show Fair Stand Rentals in Poland

As a Polish company, we serve all trade fair centers in Poland. We will prepare a stand for you at any trade fair, print materials, transport, and assemble on-site. If necessary, we will synchronize our work with your company’s machinery installation or product display. We handle:

  • Exhibition Stand Hire Warszawa
  • Exhibition Stand rentals Poznań
  • Exhibition Stand Hire Kielce
  • Exhibition Stand rentals Kraków
  • Exhibition Stand Hire Lodz
  • Exhibition Stand rentals Gdańsk
  • and if necessary, we will build a trade fair or conference stand for you in another city in Poland.

Trade Show Fair Stand Rentals in Germany

The second market where we operate, and at the same time the largest trade fair market in Europe, is Germany. We offer our services at all German trade fair centers. We have many years of experience in building stands in Germany. We invite companies from all over Europe and beyond, planning to exhibit at fairs in Germany. We handle:

  • Exhibition Stand rentals Germany
  • Exhibition Stand Hire Berlin
  • Exhibition Stand rentals Dortmund
  • Exhibition Stand Hire Dusseldorf
  • Exhibition Stand rentals Essen
  • Exhibition Stand Hire Frankfurt
  • Exhibition Stand rentals Hamburg
  • Exhibition Stand Hire Hannover
  • Exhibition Stand rentals Cologne
  • Exhibition Stand Hire Leipzig
  • Exhibition Stand rentals Munich
  • Exhibition Stand Hire Nuremberg
  • Exhibition Stand rentals Stuttgart

If necessary and your fair takes place in another city, we are also able to perform the implementation there for you.